About Us

Pixelmation Media started servicing companies wanting 3d visualization and animation content as part of their marketing and presentation material. This has proved successful for them and us, we have now grown to link with other outstanding artists and programmers to extend the scope of our offerings.

Technology has extended the phrase ” a picture speaks 1000 words” with the leverage of computer generated graphics it can now speak millions with animation. We have positioned ourselves to harnessing state-of-the-art digital technology to leverage the client’s vision or ideas in realistic 3D imagery. In order to take your ideas and concepts to a new level of understanding, to visually clarify the information about your product or invention. Conveying the story of your product in the most compelling way is our specialization. We produce images and animation that informs, captivates and engages your audience.

Our Vision

Aspire to be a world-class 3D animation and visualization company serving industrial and commercial based companies.

Our Mission

Communicating ideas being key to business growth. Positioned in visualizing winning ideas that will inform and inspire confidence. Partnering in creating significant value for our clients.

Our Key Conceptual Approach

Inform With Focus and Clarity

This ability to effectively communicate information with focus and clarity enlightens customers to fully realize perceived value of your idea or product. This enables your audience to make informed decisions. Your projects and ideas will easily attract investors and convince financiers of the viability of your ambitious project.

Engage Your Audience to a Memorable Visual Experience

We are able to create a visual storytelling experience that makes the most complex concepts easily understood thus enabling rich and memorable customer experiences. Avoid boring and stale presentations but showcase projects, products or inventions in an entertaining way that will be well remembered, with animation your product’s functions will no longer be a mystery.

Inspire Confidence with Captivating Images

3D visualization inspires confidence about you and your product when a client or prospects clearly understand how a product works in providing a solution they are looking for, it inspires their confidence in your product offerings and fully realizes your brand character.

Typical Scope of Our Business

  • Animation 60% 60%
  • Brochures & 3d Graphics 28% 28%
  • Website Creation 12% 12%