LPP Full SpecPerhaps you have ideas, inventions or products that you think will bring some sort of convenience, cost saving solution, that will meet some kind of need, well congratulations ideas and inventions defined the very essence of the human race so what’s the next step? Well it is effective communications, you will need to communicate the idea to your patent lawyers for copyright protection and related legal rights, and for funding you need to communicate the idea to investors, to engineers and fabricators that will create a prototype of your product.

Perhaps you will need to use communications as a marketing tool to explain your product as to how it works of function, well easier said than done. Try talking to your patent lawyer with a napkin sketch drawings after a few hours of explanation and a few phone calls during the week he will get it finally. Is there anyway we can make communications more effective? the answer is simply using a 3d visualization solution.

I would just like to mention 4 considerations where 3d graphics can help to communicate your idea effectively.

clock_80px          1) Time is of Essence

Your product may be new and no one has seen it or heard about so ask yourself how much time do I need to effectively communicate how my product works, what it will do, what benefits one can derive from it and how much will it cost on the current market. As an efficient entrepreneur you have worked the financial details all out, but you have other projects on your table ask your self if you can afford the time for lengthy meetings and perhaps you’ll want some other way to do it, that brings to the next point

download_80px    2) Delivery Vehicle

Who’s going to do it and how? is there a way that will be more efficient? because of your commitments to other projects you may ask yourself can I make this as simple as possible so anyone can do it. If someone else is going to do it what kind of resources will he need? It is commonly said a picture speaks 1000 words but with a leveraged of modern software and technology an animation can speak a million. The internet can come into play you may conveniently post the animation or 3-D visual graphics online on your website or just send it to a prospect via email.

lightbulb_120px                3) Concept to Inception

Ask yourself who is the target audience?. Most likely they are entrepreneurs like your self who like to understand what they are getting into, sketches and drawings and visuals can effectively communicate ideas, but most entrepreneurs and businessmen do not have the time or means to create these on the own, therefore the need to outsource them to other companies or artist to create a set of visuals that will effectively explain the idea or concept of the product.

wallet_120px         4) How Much Will it Cost You

First ask yourself how much will it cost you without 3d graphics in terms of more time and energy in travel and meetings, perhaps lost time in other projects because you’re a hard to die DIY person. Make a rough estimate. Ask yourself will it add to my reputation if I bring in 1st rate professionally created rendered images, reputation is something difficult to quantify. After you have done that contact any freelance artist or 3-D visualisation company that will help you in this direction. Ask them for a free quote, then compare price and effectiveness.